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DIY: Sugar Hand Scrub

This DIY sugar hand scrub is almost as easy as refilling your regular liquid soap dispenser!

This DIY sugar hand scrub is almost as easy as refilling your regular liquid soap dispenser!

For the past two or three months I have been hooked on DIY sugar scrubs. While browsing Pinterest for some inspiration I stumbled across a link to this DIY Sugar Hand Scrub. Oddly, this is identical to what a childhood friend’s mother always made while I was living in Alberta. I was so excited I dropped everything and made some myself.

To make this all you need is white sugar, liquid dish soap, a container with a lid and a spoon for mixing. Don’t worry about time constraints, this is almost as effortless as refilling your existing soap dispenser.

If you look at the link above you’ll notice that this can be as simple as measuring out your ingredients. With all my measuring cups in the dishwasher and no patience I decided to eyeball it. Ready to eyeball it as well? Start by filling the container halfway with sugar, then slowly add your liquid dish soap. When you the liquid dish soap fills about half of the remaining space (1/4 of the container) start stirring. With the remaining space in the container alternate between sugar and liquid dish soap, stirring as you go. If you find it is too dry, add more liquid dish soap, or if it is too runny, add more sugar. When you are happy with the consistency, secure the lid on your container and store at room temperature.

I am not entirely sure how long this DIY product will last. When I did a quick search online everyone seemed to have different answers. I made a batch that I knew we would be able to use in a week. If anyone makes this and wants to share how long it lasted it would be very much appreciated.

Enjoy those soft hands 🙂

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Drain Cleaner

Since I had the baking soda out for brightening my nails, I decided it was time to clean the drains. I am sure most, if not all of you, are familiar with this method, so while I may not be providing you with new information, this may serve as a reminder to clean your drains!

I have been using this method since I moved into our condo three years ago. When I first started, I blindly poured any amount of baking soda and vinegar down the drain, I did not cover the drain and I flushed with warm water. I thought it was working great, but looking back, it wasn’t nearly as effective as it is when I do it now.

I use 1/2 cup of baking soda, immediately followed by 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Once both the baking soda and white vinegar have been poured down the drain I cover the drain with a cleaning cloth and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. During this time, I may run through the house and repeat the process on the remaining drains and I start boiling water in the electric kettle. After the time is up, I flush with a few cups of boiling water from the kettle.

I can understand why people are still using this method. Aside from being quick and easy, it works and it works well!

Has anyone ever experienced problems using this method? Does anyone use a different DIY drain cleaning method?

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