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Guest Post: Reuse Those Old Sunglasses This Summer And Make Them New Again

Hey everyone;

Today’s post is a guest post. I would love to hear what you think of guest posts. Is this something you would like to see more of? Do you have a post you would like to see featured here?

Enjoy your day, and let’s get to today’s guest post:

Reuse Those Old Sunglasses This Summer And Make Them New Again

Do you have some old sunglasses that you’d like to wear again? Of course you do, who doesn’t?  But if you’re looking for ways to reuse them, you’re in luck! We’re telling you how you can make them new and exciting again, with almost no spending from your part. The truth is you probably already have everything you need for a makeover at hand: your old frames, and just some basic craft supplies. But first, let’s see what state your sunglasses (if you are interested in seeing new sunglass fashions click here) are in:


Image source: Submarines & Sewing Machines

1. Are the arms of your sunglasses broken or unhinged? Sunglasses often break like this, especially if they’re made of cheap plastic. The easiest thing to do is replace the arms entirely. To do that, use the arms from a contrast-colored pair, and you’ll get cool two-tone shades. Get the full tutorial for how to do that here.


Image source: Glitternglue

2. Are your sunglasses frames scratched? That happens all the time, especially if you carry them in your purse without a case. So cover them up! You can use glitter for part of the frame or even for the entire thing (tutorial here). Similarly, you can use pearls or smaller beads. And if you don’t want any embellishments, simply paint them in a different color which include stripes and tortoiseshell. Did you know that nail polish is perfect for such a project? It’s cheap, with an infinite color palette, and a precise brush. However, if your lenses are scratched, you can drill some holes in them and embroider away (as seen here).








Image source: Into the Woods

3. Are you simply bored with your sunglasses? Then all you need is a bit of embellishment to make them trendy again. We’re pretty sure you’ve seen how trendy embellished sunglasses are these days… You can use flowers if you’re the romantic type or you can go for an edgier look and use studs or rhinestones. And if you simply don’t want to use glue, you can just paint part of the sunglasses with a pen (tutorial here).

This guest post was written by Daria P. who contributes to GlassesOnWeb and

Disclaimer: I (along with this blog), am not affiliated with the author of this guest post or any of the companies mention. The opinions reflected in this guest post do not reflect my personal opinions. I do not own the images or material presented in this post.   -Marley

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I just want to take a moment to share some very helpful information that I came across recently.

I had an issue with using a copyrighted image with out proper permission.  I by no means did this intentionally as I am sure many others have done but it was brought to my attention when the photographer approached me.

The issue was resolved simply but I felt terribly about it afterwards especially considering how important I feel it is to respect others work.

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