DIY ‘Relaxing’ In-Wash Scent Boosters

relaxing in wash scent boosters

On a whim, I decided to try to make my own in-wash scent boosters. I think I was inspired as I poured the last of a purchased container into my washer. I blindly entered into this DIY project hoping that I didn’t ruin our clothes or washing machine. Alright, ruining the washing machine may be a bit dramatic and extremely unlikely, but the thought crossed my mind! Because I had no idea whether or not this was going to work, I made a small batch. I am happy to say that it is quickly getting used up and I am already planning to make more!

For this, I used the empty container that held the in-wash scent boosters that I purchased (can anyone identify the brand based on the bottle?). Any airtight container should do the trick. I used a ‘relaxing’ essential oil blend that I had purchased online from Canwax. You may wish to buy a similar product, or make your own blend of essential oils. You will also need Epsom salt – I had purchased mine a while ago from Bulk Barn.

For a cup and a half of Epsom salt I added 6 drops of the essential oil, then I shook the container vigorously for about two minutes to distribute the oil.

Depending on what I am washing, I typically sprinkle between 1/8 to 1/4 of a cup into the washer at the beginning of the load.  I did a ‘test load’ on a couple of items that I wasn’t too concerned about ruining (old blankets and towels, etc…) just to be safe.

Any suggestions for fragrances or essential oils? Any suggestions for which ones to avoid?


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